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Target audience

Especially suited for people with a heavy workload, high task density and great responsibility



The growth format into one’s own resilience: strengthening both physical and psychological resilience by employing one’s own resources and psychological strategies


Dates for open course

09./09./22 | fridays |
09.00 a.m. – 10.30 a.m. (MESZ)

Closed group courses for companies and organizations available at any time


• 9 x 1,5 hours
• Biweekly sessions 


Lions are not called kings among animals without a reason. Their strong symbolic power has accompanied and fascinated us since ancient times. It stands for power, serenity and above all for inner strength.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

The capabilty of emerging stronger from challenging and stressful situations is known as resilience and can be translated as LÖWENSTARK. The Future Institute and many digital experts cite resilience as the top quality that makes companies fit for the future. In our fast-moving world of today, where the unforeseen and an outright explosive increase in complexity, and, bound up with this, insecurity, increasingly take hold of our jobs and lives, this staying power is an invaluable advantage. Comparable to our immune system, which protects our body from diseases, resilience forms the immune system for our psyche, which supports us in dealing with stress, strain and new demands. Regaining our own balance, especially after failures and adversities, boosts our confidence and trust in ourselves, and at the same time enables us to rise to new challenges.

After all, transformation is a process. It challenges people in companies to the utmost and has long since become a constant companion of our time.

However, only few of us were born to be resilient.

The good thing, then, is that resilience can be learned. In fact, some people acquire this enviable quality in a completely natural way when they have successfully mastered difficult crises.

The second piece of good news is that it doesn’t actually take a crisis to become resilient! Our brain has amazing neural resources. If we know how to activate them, we can be strong as a lion and master challenging situations confidently, sovereignly and safely. This way, we will be able to grow in the face of whatever life may be throwing at us and whatever may seem to take us to our professional limits.

Course content

LÖWENSTARK-DIGITAL is an online-live course that is divided into nine interactive live course phases. Every two weeks there is a course unit of 1.5 hours, which can be easily integrated into the daily work routine.

There is a refreshing mix of valuable impulse lectures and memorable story telling, numerous crisp practical impulses and sufficient room for interaction.

Through the combination of buddy coaching and an accompanying LÖWENSTARK course manual, the individual course units can be deepened and transferred into everyday working life with ease. In addition, we work with a self-coaching app which enables sustainable implementation successes in one’s own stress regulation.

We design the content specifically according to our clients’ wishes in order to achieve the greatest possible individual output for all participants. With this in mind, the following are to be considered sample topics.

  • The seven pillars of resilience: acceptance, optimism, self-efficacy, responsibility, network orientation, solution orientation, future orientation

  • Finding your own lion strength with the Growth Mindset: Learning to grow in yourself and in the face of challenges
  • Activate resources: feel the flow inline with your values, discovering inner sources of strength and dormant resources.
  • Overcome your weaker self and boost your motivation
  • Exercise and sport motivation and consumer detox (smartphones and social media, food cravings)
  • Strengthening your own immune system and finding mental strategies for dealing well with Corona
  • The psychological medicine cabinet for mental fitness and the activation of one’s own neural resources during acute stress

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